Art Deco Fireplace Screens

Untitled Document Art Deco Fireplace Screens

We have been making Art Deco items for over 15 years. It takes this time to apprentice one to the techniques necessary to get the level of definition and form required to make an authentic reproduction.

By 'authentic' I mean that the firescreen doesn't just pass the first inspection but passes repeated close observation and the trusted test of time and satisfaction that one gets from an exquisitely forged and machined work of art which these pieces represent.

Considering the custom nature of our work our prices are not only very reasonable, but beat any serious competitor. Look for our video presentation coming shortly!

Check out our newest video clips!
Edgar Brandt Foyer Fireplace Screen
Edgar Brandt Gazelle Fireplace Screen

Pricing is based only on the width of your firescreen. You choose the height, it's included in the price!