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Susan B. (Santa Monica, CA) 

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Adam F. (From Hollywood, CA)

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Rita S . (Business Executive From San Jose, CA)

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John L. (Teacher from Long Beach, CA)

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Richard (Builder from Mammoth Lakes, CA)

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Maria I. (Writer from Los Angeles, CA)

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Seema A. (Acupuncturist from San Diego, CA)

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Nancy W. (Los Angeles, CA)

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Janice V. (Great Falls, VA)

"My husband and I opened the fireplace screen this evening. BRAVO!! It is absolutely beautiful. We are thrilled with it. I have to get the stone mason in to secure it, but it appears to fit perfectly. As soon as it is installed I will send a picture. Thanks so very much for a lovely product.

Have a great July 4th!

Isabelle L. (Seattle, WA)

"Hi my name is Isabelle Lambert from Seattle, Washington. I want to thank you for a stunning Art Deco fireplace screen. It's a masterpiece! I'm just staring at it right now and it changes everthing in the room. Everything in my living room is changed in such a grand way because of the screen. It lights up the whole room and sets the tone of the room. It grounds the room and lifts it at the same time. The color, the shape, the design; everything is absolutely perfect and it really makes me happy to walk in every time and look at it and then to be able to use it as the interface between the living space in my room and the fire in my hearth. So from my heart I am truly grateful. Thank you. Take care. Bye bye."

Bob I. (Seal Beach, CA)

"Hi my name is Bob Imry from Seal Beach. I would like to thank ironforge for the beautiful custom firescreen they built for us. The custom firescreen was very easy to install. The quality and style fits right in with our living room remodel. We also bought a pair of delicate rose sconces that are placed either side of the fireplace. The whole living room really looks wonderful. I highly recommend IronForge to everyone."

Jay G. (Lake Tahoe, CA)

"My name is Jay Goldstien from Pilsborough California. We had Ironforge make a custom fireplace screen for our home in Lake Tahoe; Just calling to let you know what a great job you guys did. Lisa was wonderful in terms of determining the size and making a few modifications to the design. I have to admit I had some trepidation in terms of dealing with a company over the internet, however the screen came out wonderful, it was probably half the price of what a screen would be If I had a local blacksmith make it, and the craftsmanship is probably some of the best quality I"ve seen. Again we"re just really thrilled with it and really happy that it all worked out and I just wanted to call and say thank you. Also Lisa again did a wonderful job and should be commended. So on behalf of the Goldstiens, thanks for doing a great job! If we need any metal type wor k done you will be the first person I will call upon, I promise, and I will certainly refer you to any friends and architects as well; so again thank you and I appreciate the good work"

Susan F. (Westfield, NJ) 

"It arrived!  I ripped open the package and the firescreen is BEAUTIFUL.  It is actually more beautiful than I anticipated and fits over the fake gas glass like a glove!!  Now the whole thing looks so awesome.  (I love the two handles and the scrolled feet --- no space is lost on the hearth stone.)

I am so glad I didn't try to buy one of those cheap screens at Home Depot or someplace and "went for it" by having you custom make the screen.  If we ever move, I am taking that screen with me.  My husband is going to flip over the Celtic knot design -- having that personal Irish touch is really nice.

I can't thank you enough for all your follow-up and great service, not to mention, the carefully crafted screen.  I am trying to think of other forging products for the house as I am so impressed with your company.

Thank you, too, for rushing it for Christmas.  ; It will really look nice in all the holiday pictures as the tree is next to the fireplace.  (I will try to send you a digital as soon as I can.)  Much appreciation and Happy Holidays." 

Peter & Rita (Westwood CA)

The chairs are beautiful. I was amazed how well they replicate the old ones. We now have your chairs, plant table, bookcase, console table, and plant hanger. All beautiful, hand crafted works of art. You should be very proud. I sure am!

Lynne M. (Business executive, California)

"Lisa, I would like to thank you and Richard for taking care of my pictures and for working with me to get the neatest frames possible to display them. The wrought iron curtain rods, towel racks and coffee table that I purchased from Iron Forge still look like the day I got them (really) and that was over 10 years ago! The quality of Iron Forge's work is "off the charts".

Bill J. (Architect, Beverly Hills)

We make a point of specifying Iron forge products in the homes we design and have had great results.They have built us balconies and railings and also some great hardware. A lot of our work requires custom fabrication as It's very difficult to buy some items off the shelf, and they are adept at creating solutions for our ironwork needs.

Larry R.  (Lawyer, Beverly Hills)

"You did a fabulous job, absolutely fabulous. Everybody loves it. You"ll get a lot of extra work from my friends when they see my stair railing. Just the best!"

Donna M. (Actress: pot-rack chandelier)

"It looks fabulous with those down lights built in"

Ann R. Georgia (Tudor Chandelier)

"The (Tudor) chandelier now graces our hallway for all to see, thank you so much"

Erick K. (Developer, Malibu CA)

"The railings turned out wonderfully, we love it, and what"s more we sold the house within two weeks for 2.6m!"

John L. (Developer, Beverly Hills.)

"Great, another successful project"

Bill K. (Architect)

"You do great work, you must have an impressive client list".

Saudi Arabian Princess

"I have been looking for my dream bed for two years, finally I found it. Thank you!"

Jill C. (Wife of famous drummer. Florentine bed)

"I"m thrilled with the bed, it fits the house wonderfully. Thank you".

K.J. (Hollywood manager, Florentine bed)

"Cool iron, man, cool"

Jessica S. (Singer, Florentine bed)

"I just love the bed"

Sue E. (Designer, Drapery rods)

"Your letter (and generous solution to my situation) was unexpected and a pleasant surprise, especially in this business of interior design. Again thanks for your help."

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